ÖRK BASTARDS - Warmongers Of The Gloomy Lands ​LP (Белый)

A1 Intro 01:39
A2 Baptized By Smoke And Fire 02:24
A3 Green People Of Barsoom 02:17
A4 Exile King 03:32
A5 On Chariots Of Fire 03:21
A6 Rabid She-Wolf And Her Furious Blade 02:32
B1 Warmongers Of The Gloomy Lands 04:26
B2 32 Secrets Of Vimaana 02:45
B3 Travellers In Time 03:18
B4 Obsidian Shining 04:04
Послушать можно тут https://orkbastards.bandcamp.com/
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